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This is my own freakin’ song
I can do what I want
I’ve got nothing to prove
To prove

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The Jordan is a fresh new act that has been a few years in the making, waiting for the stars to align. Trippy pop songs that combine lyrical poetry and cinematic arrangements with a raw, feminine edge.

Dutch singer and songwriter Caroline Van der Leeuw is back – with a new name, a new sound, a new mission. Emphasising the depth and breadth of her artistic transformation, Nowhere Near The Sky (produced By David Kosten – Bat For Lashes, Everything Everything) is The Jordan’s extraordinary, game-changing debut album, a new chapter that comprehensively rewrites Caroline’s story as former singer of Dutch pop group Caro Emerald.Total candour and unvarnished truth, vocals purer and more powerful than anything she has recorded before, trip-hop and folktronic textures that wrap her voice in magic and mystery.



Nowhere Near The Sky from The Jordan is the extraordinary, game-changing debut album, from the well-known female artist from Amsterdam. It is a new chapter that comprehensively expands her story.

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