Someone New Lyrics - The Jordan

Someone New

All the colors seem so bright
Their eyes
They are burning like fire

Oooh stay
And make my memories fade
Take me to a higher place

I feel like I need it
It’s so damn appealing
And I won’t refuse it
This is my only medicine

Listen my sister
Breathe from the rhythm
No better place than right here
Done with the fighting
Suck all the air in
You can be someone without him
Here is the party, we got the remedy
Tonight, we’ll start again brand new
This is the moment
Rise up and own it
In a place you can lose yourself
And be someone new

It’s so bitter and it’s sweet
In my dreams
He is all I need
These lights
It’s what we do at night
Oh my
Take me to my paradise

I want to defeat it
It’s so damn appealing
But there’s no refusing
This is my only medicine

(My sister, start breathing
No fighting without him
This is our party
Our moment
We’ll lose ourselves)

I will lose myself

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