Catwalk Lyrics - The Jordan


On this catwalk
Let’s get high
Feel the lights
Tell some lies
If you’re coming, better come alone

On this catwalk
We’ll be young
Quick to run
Looking down on everyone
If you’re scared of coming, maybe don’t

When it’s late and it’s just us two
Don’t pretend you don’t want it too
It’s the same if it’s fake or true

On this catwalk I’m your friend
Have your back right till the end
When no one’s looking hate me then
On this catwalk what you see
When you’re out there watching me
I’ll become eventually

I need you
I need you

On this catwalk
Break some hearts
When there’s money
Let’s spend it fast
Be the first in, leave the last
I’m not ashamed to take it all

On the catwalk
We’ll get tired
Of all the damn steps to climb
But we’re still nowhere near the sky
One day less is gonna feel like more

Always in the middle of the room
When we both know it’s no fucking use
And they’re showing us the blades they use


I love your eyes
They amplify me
Now tell me you love me one last time

I need you
I need you

I need you
I need you

I need you
I need you

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